Web 2.0 tools are being used everyday in many different classrooms all over the world. The basic tools here at Cornell Elementary are the use of computers, overhead projectors, smart boards, clickers, and camera projectors. We teachers need to start taking these items and really showing our students what they can do with them.

Today we are going to learn how to use a tool that can be used in the classroom and at home between the students and the teacher. In the world today people are using the computer to communicate more and more with each other. People communicate through chat rooms, video conferencing, networking sites, twitter, blogs, and wiki spaces. All of these items can be used in the classroom to help engage the students and prepare them for the future. The tool that I find will be very helpful in the elementary, but is rarely used is the use of the wiki space.

A wiki is a website designed for multiple people to collaborate by adding and editing content. What this means is you can create a page with information that you will use in your classroom. You can post assignments, class rules, upcoming events, questions, material for students to read and respond to, etc. Student, teachers, parents are able to read the information you have posted.

A wiki page can be used to in the classroom by creating classroom discussions, virtual field trips, classroom information page for parent/students, surveys, informative websites, etc.

Let's get start on how to create a wiki page for you to use in your classroom and some ideas on how it can be used.

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